About Concert Band

The Sackville Concert Band and the 9AM Band are comprised 100% of talented volunteers of varying ages and musical experiences. We are professional musicians, retired musicians, local music teachers, and ordinary citizens all brought together by our love for making music. Not only do we play instruments, many of our members write and arrange scores for the band; some of us even sing; others help administratively. We play a challenging assortment of music including classical pieces, movie scores, religious/traditional songs, golden oldies, original compositions/arrangements done by band members, and vocal features.
Our mission statement is to bring talented musicians together to perform quality music in support of local non‑commercial events as well as to foster music education in the community. Membership in the band is free.
Sackville Concert Band members
Principal Conductor – Jim Forde
Associate Conductor – Peter van der Horden
Flute/PiccoloAlly FiolaTrumpetJoe Cormier
Denise LefortChristopher deRosenroll
Jennifer SmithDavid Greenberg
Moira FindlayMike Hagedorn
Sara MuirChris Jauer
Alison ZwaagstraMatt Richard
Cindy LiuClaire Cuming
OboeNina WoulffTony van Gogh
Kelly EllsTromboneGlenn Giles
BassoonSerena GodmaireMegan Wynn
ClarinetKerri DoreyAddison Sowery-Quinn
Kate StewartRaef Wilson
Elisabeth GoldPeter van der Horden
Jennifer HamiltonEuphoniumJonathan Haggett
Janet KawchukDerek MacDonald
George KulikTubaSarah Krawiec
Genevieve MalleyRyan Stevens
Erin O'PreyString BassPhilip Hawkins
Steve RigdenPercussionBob Gaudreau
Richard RybiakLucille Humble
Jamie McIntoshKaren Robinson
Dick ThomsonDavid MacRae
Bass ClarinetMichael JohnstonKeyboardsMarion Kuo
Jeff ReillyVocalistsWendy Birt
SaxophoneTom RusinakSarah Krawiec
Tobias BealeJohn Lindsay-Botten
Danielle ChuteKaren Robinson
Bryan CrockerBryan Crocker
Dianne deRosenroll
Debbie McGuire
Laurie Tarulli
French HornHope Gendron
Ken Hoffer
Judith Orr
Susan Randles
Anne Slayden
Bryan Sprange